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Continuing Education

Biblical Training> offers free seminary level course lectures from professors like Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, John Piper, Robert Stein, Peter Kuzmic. Recommended by Dave Benzel.


  • Biola is offering individuals who are in full-time ministry with a missions agency a one-third tuition reduction on their MA and Ph.D. degree programs. This discount applies to the MA in Intercultural Studies, the Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, the Ph.D. in Intercultural Education and the MA in T.E.S.O.L.
  • In order to overcome the inconvenience of being in ministry full time and working on a graduate degree, Biola has designed the programs to be as flexible as possible. The MA programs can both be completed entirely online. The Ph.D. programs, however, do require some on-campus attendance each year. So that students can fulfill their on-campus requirements as conveniently as possible, every summer Biola offers a number of week-long intensive courses. Throughout the academic year, each of their on-campus courses is conducted over two consecutive weekends per semester. Additionally, they have two Global Learning Centers that operate in Switzerland and in Thailand where students living abroad can take courses. This allows students the opportunity to network with others in their geographical region who are also working on the same degree. It is also less expensive and more convenient for students in Asia and Europe to attend classes at the Global Learning Centers than to have to come to the Biola campus to do all of their course work.

Cairn University

Columbia International University

Covenant Theological Seminary

Crown College

  • offers a number of online courses in leadership, Bible, education, and ministry on both the graduate and undergraduate level. The application process for SEND missionaries is simple and free (contact Ken Guenther for further information). The tuition fee per credit hour is currently $530 for graduate level courses

The Evangelical Training Directory

  • A searchable multi-lingual database of evangelical Bible colleges - and pastoral, theological and missionary training programmes, courses and resources worldwide - to help you find the training you need to serve the Lord. Endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance.

Fuller Seminary - School of Intercultural Studies

  • SEND U has signed a partnership with the Fuller Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies. This partnership allows SEND members to get up to 53% off of several different online courses specifically designed for missionaries, and 30% off other courses offered by Fuller. By completing 6 of these masters-level courses, you can earn a Certificate of Christian Studies (Mission) from Fuller without ever needing to go to a Fuller campus. These courses can also be applied to a MA degree. This web page on the Fuller site gives more information about this certificate and the courses offered. On the SEND U site on SharePoint, you can find more information, including what courses are being offered in 2017 and 2018. Contact Ken Guenther or Ted Szymczak for information about how to get the discount.

Internet Biblical Seminary

Liberty University

  • Liberty University's website -
  • Provides a full-ride MK scholarship for US MKs whose parents serve overseas as missionaries with organizations like SEND International (for a limited number of students per year). See this web page.
  • If you are a missionary with SEND serving overseas or planning to go with SEND overseas, Liberty University may also pay for the full cost of your education through a loan repayment program called LU Serve. This program is available after graduation, and pays back 20% of student loans per year of overseas service, up to a maximum of $30,000. Thus, after serving overseas for five years, alumni can have their student loans fully paid for. (Note: this program will not make payments before graduation, nor will they reimburse payments, only student loans.)
  • What qualifies a student for this loan repayment? Some of the major requirements LU looks at are:
    • Time you plan on staying overseas
    • Sending Agency (SEND is an approved organization)
    • Church Accountability and Support
    • Financial Standing and Stewardship
    • Overseas Strategy
    • Working with UPG’s or in the 10/40 (not required, but preferred)
  • Liberty University will also give you credit toward an undergraduate or graduate degree based on your life and professional experience. See this page for more information.

Master's Seminary

Moody Bible Institute

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Now offers a fully online Master of Theological Studies degree
  • Accredited by both SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and ATS (Association of Theological Schools).
  • 100% online or flexible hybrid class options.
  • Fewer semester hours than most master’s degree programs.

Reformed Theological Seminary

Rockbridge Seminary

  • offers a M.Div., a Master of Ministry Leadership and a Diploma in Ministry Studies entirely through online courses
  • tuition is $210/ credit hour
  • contact Jim Stamberg for a recommendation and more information.

Wheaton College Graduate School

  • offers a summers-only/online format. This format is tailored to the needs of English language teachers who are already serving abroad. Each June and July, they offer a semester's worth of courses that follow a three-year cycle as well as several online courses during the fall and spring.
  • they offer generous financial aid for teachers and administrators with Christian agencies who plan to use the TESOL degree long-term. Graduate students in this category are eligible to receive full or partial tuition scholarships, especially if they apply for a Billy Graham Center Scholarship (for pre-field and home assignment International Workers) by the March 1 deadline.
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