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Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence

  • What is cultural intelligence?
    • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function and relate effectively in cultural diverse situations.
    • CQ includes things like cultural sensitivity and awareness, but it goes beyond that to focus specifically on learned skills that are critical for functioning effectively in culturally diverse environments. Skills, unlike values and personality, can be developed and improved through education, training, and experience.
    • CQ includes 4 major capabilities:
      • CQ Drive: Interest, persistence, and confidence during multicultural interactions
      • CQ Knowledge: Understanding about how cultures are similar and different
      • CQ Strategy: Awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions
      • CQ Action: Ability to adapt when relating and working in multicultural contexts

Cultural Intelligence Coaching and Training

Are you interested in individual coaching or group training in Cultural Intelligence? Contact Bethany Reedy for more information. Below are descriptions of the currently offered coaching and training opportunities:

Individual Cultural Intelligence Coaching and Debrief - Would you like to improve your intercultural effectiveness? Take the Cultural Intelligence Assessment and receive a feedback report. Then attend 2 one and a half hour online individual coaching sessions with Bethany Reedy, certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator. You will be guided through interpreting your Cultural Intelligence scores and personal cultural values preferences, and learn how to leverage your CQ strengths and develop your weaker CQ capabilities. Available for individuals, couples, or leaders.

Developing Cultural Intelligence Workshop - Would your group or team like to improve your effectiveness working in your host culture or working together as a multicultural team? This interactive workshop is based in research and led by Bethany Reedy, certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator. Take the Cultural Intelligence Assessment and receive a feedback report. Then, during the online three-hour workshop, you will review and interpret your CQ assessment results, discuss some current intercultural challenge and opportunies that you face, and create an action plan for developing and applying CQ. Available for groups, teams, or areas.

Cultural Intelligence Resources

  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence - This book discusses the importance of cultural intelligence and explores how to develop the four major capabilities of CQ (drive, knowledge, strategy, and action) before seeking to apply these principles to leadership and teams. Recommended by Bethany Reedy.
  • Customs of the World- This “Great Course” is available as an audiobook on Audible. It will grow your CQ knowledge by introducing you to the 10 different dimensions of culture and 10 major cultural affinity groups found in the world today. Recommended by Ken Guenther. See also Ken Guenther's blog post on monochronic vs. polychronic cultures inspired by this course.
  • Expand Your Borders- Similar to the above audio course, this short book (102 pages) gives key summaries about the world's 10 major cultural clusters to help you grow your CQ knowledge as well as giving a brief introduction to the four capabilities of CQ (drive, knowledge, strategy, and action) and some ideas to improve in these areas. Recommended by Bethany Reedy.
  • Cultural Intelligence Center - founded and led by Dr. David Livermore, a graduate from Cornerstone University (BA and MTS) and Michigan State University (Ph.D). Former associate professor at Cornerstone University and director of the intercultural studies department. The cultural intelligence center also offers courses on cultural intelligence and cultural values which you can find here.

CQ Cultural Values

Understanding our own cultural values preferences is a form of self-awareness that can help us in the process of developing CQ. Cultural values are a useful way to discuss cultural differences in neutral terms. The CQ assessment measures cultural values dimensions found here. Understanding how our cultural values are similar or different from our host culture or team members from a different culture can enhance our ability to work together.

Here are some helpful resources developed by the SEND U staff explaining the CQ Cultural Values:

Cultural Intelligence Assessments

The Cultural Intelligence Assesment is currently being used in MOP. If you are interested in taking the CQ assessment, it is recommended that you also meet with Bethany Reedy for coaching to help you interpret your results and create a personal development plan. See the above informration on CQ coaching and training.

    • CQ Assessment - measures an individual's capacity to work and relate effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. This assessment measures your motivation (drive), knowledge, ability to strategize and ability to adapt.
    • Cultural Values Profile- measures individual preferences that influence approaches to life, school, and work. See a summary of the 10 cultural value orientations that are measured in the assessment.
  • SEND is registered as a faith-based organization and so can purchase the assessments for people in ministry. Please contact Ken Guenther for more information.
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