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IGP Resources for Growing in Spiritual Formation

This document is a work in progress. Feel free to add any resources that may help promote growth in any of the areas listed (or send your suggestions to a Wiki administrator.)


(clarity and understanding; corporate calling; personal calling)

Community / Body Life

(committed to a local body, understanding one’s ministry role, receiving ministry from others, encouraging & loving others, unity in diversity)


(toward God; toward others)

Holiness & Purity

(surrender; obedience; experiencing forgiveness; moral purity; dealing with temptation)

Prayer & Fasting

(regular personal prayer life, corporate / public prayer; utilizing fasting in focused prayer)


(read entire Bible; regular devotional reading; memorization; meditation; study; familiarity)

Submissiveness & Accountability

Soul Care

(Sabbath; rest; solitude; silence; journaling; spiritual retreats)

Spiritual Warfare

(awareness; spiritual armor; praying against forces of darkness)

Walking in the Spirit

(dependence; displaying fruit of the Spirit; power for ministry; perseverance)


(corporate worship; personal worship)

See also SEND U page on Spiritual Formation.

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