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Impact Field Leader Survey

“In all of missions, one of the most important and complex responsibilities is that of the field leader. Field leaders have the first-line role to lead field staff in personal well-being and work effectiveness.” (from Impact website)

The survey:

In February and March, 2009, SEND field leaders (team leaders, country leaders, area directors) participated in a confidential web survey conducted by Dr. Ken Harder of Global Mapping International with the encouragement and help of Jim Feiker (a former SEND missionary, and now with Barnabas International). The survey was aimed at identifying the needs of mission leaders serving on the mission field (i.e. not in their home sending offices). In May, 2009, the International Office leadership received an extensive written and oral report of the results for SEND leaders from Dr. Ken Harder, and these results have been further distilled and summarized by Ken. SEND received only the total responses for each individual question; which field leaders actually participated in the survey and how each one responded to the questions was never revealed.

The results:

  • A summary of the most significant results from the survey of SEND leaders was emailed to all SEND leaders by Ken Guenther (on June 11, 2009).
  • The executive summary of the 2009 survey results for all 4 mission organizations, written by Dr. Harder and Vicki Gascho
  • A report of the findings from the pilot project (involving 3 missions) in 2008 by Dr. Harder & Scott Schaum.

Additional resources - The Impact Field Leader Website

The response:

The November 2009 SEND Directors' Council approved the "Rekindle" proposal for regular scheduled visits between all SEND team leaders and their supervisors as one of the ways to address the concerns surfaced by the survey.

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