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Introduction to MOP

SEND International’s Member Orientation Program or MOP, as it is affectionately known, is both a pre-field and on-field orientation program designed to help prepare SEND missionaries for a successful transition from their own home culture into their host culture and into the culture of SEND International. This program is run by SEND U. Most of the training is done online, although generally MOP includes one component of on-site orientation either in Michigan or in the Philippines.

As you may have noticed from reading the MOP Program Objectives, this training is designed to cover several major issues related to missionary life and adjustment. While there is no way we can cover every topic that might be helpful, we have carefully selected the things that we feel will be most helpful to you as you move into ministry with SEND. We will cover main topics such as:

  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Spiritual Life & Disciplines
  • Marriage/Family/Single Issues
  • SEND’s mission statement
  • Church Planting
  • Safety & Security
  • Teaming/Multicultural Teaming
  • Moral Purity
  • Intentional Living

You will have the opportunity over the course of our online and onsite programs to get to know some of those who provide leadership and training to the SEND ministries taking place around the world. The SEND staff that is involved with MOP bring with them a variety of ministry experiences with SEND. We each have a unique teaching style and enjoy the privilege of being involved with training and integrating new missionaries into SEND. We desire for our program to be learner-centered and not teacher- or content-centered. By this, we mean that we believe all of you come to MOP with a wealth of experience and knowledge that all of us can learn from. We desire to learn from you, desire you to learn from each other, and maybe you will learn something from us too! We will employ a variety of teaching/learning styles: case studies, lecture, discussion, simulations, field trips, etc. to help us interact with the material.

In the online portion of MOP, we will touch on two main topics listed above: Cultural Adjustment (worldview, culture, basic values, culture stress, incarnational ministry, sacrifice) and Safety & Security. We will not exhaust these topics during these five weeks; rather we will introduce them and then continue our learning about them at our onsite MOP.

The SEND U staff look forward to getting to know each of you over the course of MOP. Your time together for onsite MOP will be an intense two weeks of learning, but we also have lots of “play” or “down” time scheduled and evenings free. These “free times” are designed to allow you to build relationships with other MOP participants and with the SEND leadership and staff that help to facilitate the training. So do not plan other ministries or visits with friends and donors during these two weeks. Even the weekend between the two weeks of learning is an important time for bonding with SEND and participating in various learning experiences.

We hope you finish MOP with a renewed passion for what God has called you to do, the beginnings of some life‐long friendships and an excitement about the SEND International covenant community that you have joined.

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