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MOP July 2017

MOP Schedule

MOP Curriculum

  • Pre-field reading list for all MOP participants

Session Handouts

Week One

MondayJuly 10 TuesdayJuly 11 WednesdayJuly 12 ThursdayJuly 13 FridayJuly 14

Ken Guenther

Ken Guenther

Ken Guenther

Ted Szymczak

Ken Guenther

Gary Ridley

Ken Guenther

Gary Ridley

By Myself,
But Not Alone

Judy Severns
Working with the
National Church

Ken Guenther

Leading Your
Family Overseas

Online Course

Gary Ridley
& Security

Rich Ramirez

Rich Ramirez
Moral Purity

Gary Ridley


Beth Eckstein
ICS Debrief
Gary Ridley
Four CulturesGame

Marcie Williamson

Week Two

SundayJuly 16 MondayJuly 17 TuesdayJuly 18 WednesdayJuly 19 ThursdayJuly 20 FridayJuly 21
Ethnic Church Debrief
Gary Ridley

Gary Ridley

John Koenke

Ken Guenther
Day Alone
With God


Ken Guenther
SEND History,
Values & Structure

Rex Durham
Connect & Pray
Ted Szymczak
SEND Values


Rex Durham
SEND Values


Rex Durham
M Community

Brad Gill

Ken Guenther

Andrew & Alana
Well Done
Ken Guenther
SEND Values


Rex Durham

Ken Guenther
Intro to
Church Planting

Ted Szymczak

MOP Evaluation

To be completed on the last afternoon.

MOP Daily Announcements

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just a few things for you all to keep in mind as you look toward the weekend and plans for leaving campus…
1. Rooms need to be cleaned before you leave. Please take a look at the cleaning guidelines in your blue folders.
2. All dirty sheets and towels need to be deposited in the laundry room where you are staying.
3. Please leave blankets, mattress pads and bedspreads on the beds in your room.
4. Keys need to be given to Marcie before you leave. If you cannot find her, you can leave your keys in the kitchen on the counter to the left of the refrigerator/under the microwave in the KEY ENVELOPE. Unreturned keys come with a fee!
5. For those staying for SNAAC…check in at the Embassy Suites Hotel is at 3pm.
6. Name badges can be given to Marcie or Chandelle. If you are leaving on Saturday or Sunday, keep them with you and turn them in along with your key in the NAME BADGE ENVELOPE. You will get new nametags at SNAAC.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Thanks for graciously allowing the missionaries on home service to use the laundry rooms today, tomorrow and Friday. See times on Monday announcements.

Tonight is Regional Dinner night. This is always a fun evening to hang out in a home, eat food, fellowship and learn a bit more about your area. Take advantage of having field personnel at your dinner and ask lots of questions!! For those of you who need a ride…stay tuned for more details later today.

I am still waiting on MOP Online Reflection Sheets from the following:
Let me know if you have any questions about this document.

If you have not taken a minute to fill out your parent info on the sheet on the back table, please do so before Friday afternoon.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Please leave the laundry rooms free for the home service missionaries on campus for Reconnect Retreat the following times:
Wednesday 1-5
Thursday 1-5
Friday 1-3

If you have not sent Marcie your MOP Online Reflection Sheet please do so before MOP is over.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Announcements regarding this weekend will come later today.
Please remember to bring picture ID to lunch with you today for your document notarizations.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Good Afternoon! Sorry for the late announcements today.
Thanks to each of you who have given your testimonies this week. What a blessing! Tomorrow is our last day for this time of sharing with the staff.
A reminder that tomorrow at lunch is when you will sign the security documents. Please make sure you have viable photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) with you at lunch. Due to the document signing, lunch will be extended a bit and your afternoon session will begin at 1:45 instead of 1:30.
Looking ahead a bit….
Saturday late afternoon we will gather a nearby park for a picnic for supper. There is a splash park available for the children, so please feel free to bring swimming suits and towels for your kids. I will have beach towels available for you to use as well. Supper will be provided for you and a several of our IO staff (and a few US staff) will join in the fun. More details to come on Friday.
Sunday you will be visiting a local ethnic church with an IO staff member. Plan on lunch at a local restaurant and then a debrief after supper at the MEC later in the evening. Childcare will be provided for the debrief. More details to come on Friday.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good Morning!!
Today is testimony day again! It is such a joy to hear how God is working in each of your lives!! Julianne is not feeling well today, so I am going to put her in on another day. Be praying for her to feel better soon.
There are books on the back table called Fitted Pieces. This book deals with MK education and raising MKs. Please feel free to take one or two or three! If the pile runs low, see Judy Severns for more books.
Ladies, tonight you will make your way over to Marcie's house for a light dessert and time with Women's Ministry Director, Beth Eckstein. Details for transportation will come a little later today.
Chandelle Body is in the office today so feel free to see her for DNA swabs and name badges.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This afternoon you will be going over your ICS Debrief with Gary Ridley. See Marcie if you need a hard copy for this session at 4:15.
Heads up that tomorrow evening the ladies will have some time away from campus at Marcie's home from 7pm -9pm. If you are able to drive, please let Marcie know how many you can take with you.
Nice job on the puzzle! New MOP record has been set!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Just a few of announcements for you today….
1. Please make sure you send Marcie your MOP Online Reflection Sheets sometime over the next two weeks.
2. Chandelle Body will be available this afternoon to start making your SEND name badges. You can see her at the front desk in the IO.
3. There are a couple of forms on the supply table in the back of the room. Please check these forms out and fill in your info as needed. See Marcie if you have questions.
4. REMINDER: Tonight after supper Chandelle Body will be reviewing Security Documents with you. One person from each unit will need to be present for this short briefing. Forms will be filled out, signed, and notarized on Friday at lunch. You will need to have one picture proof of identity with you on Friday (passport, driver's license, etc) in order to have your forms notarized.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

WELCOME TO MOP! We are glad you are here!

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