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Multi-cultural Teaming




Trust on multi-cultural teams

In “Driven by Difference”, David Livermore talks about the power of trust. Multicultural teams cannot be innovative unless people trust one another enough to share new, crazy ideas and then try them out. Livermore points out that likeability, competency, intentions, reliability, and reputation are all factors that are considered when one decides whether someone else is trustworthy or not. But each culture puts these 5 factors in a different order in terms of importance.

  • Likeability - your chemistry with them, whether you would enjoy spending social time with them
  • Competency - having the skills they need to do the task you are asking them to do
  • Intentions - your confidence that they have your best interests at heart, you feel safe with them, you will not be rejected or humiliated by them
  • Reliability - follows through on promises, delivers results
  • Reputation - important to face-saving cultures
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