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Muslim Ministry

Pre-field Reading List

  • A reading list compiled from the lists of two of our experienced workers for those preparing for Muslim ministries.

About Muslim Ministry

Materials for Use in Muslim Ministry

  • COMMA Network > A Coalition of Ministries to Muslims in North America. They have lots of links and resources for people working with Muslims anywhere.
  • Books and videos by Nabeel Qureshi and Abdu Murray, both former Muslims who are now strong advocates for evangelical Christianity. Any debates/articles/books by either of these two are of great depth and value.
  • Answering-Islam.or is a website that has many different Christian contributors. (Note: A few of these contributors are a bit strident, but most are not.) There are also links to other resources and websites that might prove helpful.

Muslim Ministry Training

  • I Heart Muslim Video Series and Study Guide, produced by SEND International
  • 6 month Internships in the Philippines with SEND - contact the SEND International Office
  • One year internship with TAG in Dearborn, Michigan - contact SEND International Office - Training Apprentices to Go is Ward Church's (Michigan) 10-month program to train interns to start Jesus-community planting movements in the Muslim world. It is for busy people who have full-time jobs or are full-time students, but who will give 12-14 hours per week to developing their passion for Jesus, their passion for his Kingdom, and their passion for Going to see Jesus-communities growing in places where they currently don’t exist.
  • Crescent Project Crescent Project's mission is to inspire, equip and serve the Church to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ for the Glory of God.
    • Training is essential for effective ministry among Muslims. Our Bridges Seminar (1-day seminar) and Bridges DVD study provide a practical understanding of Muslims, as well as methods that any Christian can use to effectively communicate the Gospel.
    • Our one-week Sahara Challenge, a one-week summer training in Atlanta, takes a deeper look at Islam, culture, and ministry skills to prepare leaders for work among Muslims.
    • Without Border > is a women's training for ministry to Muslim women.
  • Exploring the World of Islam by Caleb Resource - 12 lesson course offered online and at various locations in the USA
  • Common Ground > Building Bridges of Trust that Bear the Weight of Truth. This training is upon invitation only; contact Ken G. Very challenging and will open your eyes to different viewpoints.
  • Zwemer Courses and Seminars> available online year-round
  • is now offering free teaching videos on line. He also offers a 7 week video course for $29 USD, which is more in-depth than the free ones, but his stuff is pretty good. I wouldn't agree with him on everything he says, but I really like his attitude and down to earth interactions in terms of relating to Muslims, and I find his talks challenging. His two best books - Muslims, Christians and Jesus and Speaking of Jesus, are great challenging reads. (Tim M)
  • EP training catalog - contact Ken Guenther for information about many different training seminars for those working with Muslim peoples

Working with Muslim Women

  • Woman to Woman, Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend > book by Joy Loewen. In this practical and very personal book, Joy shares not only her insights into befriending Muslim women, but many helpful stories from her own experiences. Her goal is to help readers “move from fear to love and compassion” so that they, too, can love as Christ does. Woman to Woman is essential reading for Christian leaders, ministries, and any layperson who wants to grow in love for and understanding of Muslims.
  • Conversation Ideas for building relationships with Muslim women > Joy Loewen's blog.

See also Honor-Shame Resources

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