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Onboarding of new workers

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding = Onboarding is an intentional, individualized coaching/ training process by a supervisor to help new people become quickly effective in the basic competences needed in their new roles. This process begins at selection and carries on throughout the first year in the new role.

SEND U Onboarding Tools

East Asia Onboarding Tools:

Japan Onboarding Tools:

  • In addition, they also have “Ongoing Orientation” which happens during the first couple of years. This primarily consists of quarterly sessions to familiarize their new missionaries with the Japanese culture, church, and with SEND Japan and relationships they have with other organizations. They’ve also encouraged their missionaries to join monthly orientation sessions that TEAM holds and invites them to.

Macedonia Onboarding Tool:

Spain Onboarding Process:

The Spain AD tracks new missionaries headed to Spain with this spreadsheet that explains the process and the responsibilities of field leadership, team leader, the L&O Committee, and the appointee or first-term missionary. This protocol includes:

A couple of other resources developed by the Spain area:

Other Resources:

  • Thrive in a New Place (SIM) - This is a great little booklet put out by SIM, again to be used in a mentoring relationship with a new missionaries. It is intended to be used weekly over the course of several months. Included are great questions, covering a range of topics, as well as evaluation tools. Again, a great little tool that could easily be adapted to a particular team/field.

A number of other resources for language learning can be found on the Language Learning page, and for cultural learning on the cultural adaptation page.

For the onboarding process for a new field leader, see Transitioning to a new leader role.

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