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  • The Father Connection: How You Can Make the Difference in Your Child's Self-Esteem and Sense of Purpose by Josh McDowell. Recommended by Richard Sanders. “Josh is one of the most engaging and clear communicators of our day and in this book he shares successes and failures from his personal journey as a dad. He takes 12 characteristics of our Heavenly Father and helps us to apply them as dads with our own children. This book goes by quickly with Josh's interesting and real-life stories that illustrate Biblical and practical responsibilities and roles of the father.”
  • Practical Positive Parenting Program An excellent program that was developed by former SEND missionary Eileen Starr in Alaska. The Practical Positive Parenting Program consists of ten sessions. Each session starts with a meal and gives all participants a chance to eat and fellowship together. The presentation portion of the program follows and lasts about 45 minutes with PowerPoint slides. The participants then separate into small groups and discuss the application questions. The participants of the group are consistent from session to session. The first seven sessions in Alaska do not refer directly to the Bible because it is used by the government and Alaska child protection services. Many of the participants are required by the courts to attend these sessions, so many of the participants are not regular churchgoers. Children and teens attending the program with their parents will separate and go to their own program. PPP also includes three additional sessions which are spiritual in nature. It includes Bible references and a presentation of the gospel. These sessions come at the end and they are optional for the participants. The parenting program is being used in several locations in Alaska and Russia. It will soon be used in Canada and China.
  • The Missionary Family: Witness, Concerns, Care edited by Dwight Baker and Robert Priest. Reviewed by Gary Ridley on the SEND U blog.
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