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Refugee ministry

Training in refugee ministry

In the IAFR training, they talk about their Continuum of Response. This diagram shows that addressing the humanitarian disaster is only the first step in helping refugees. The second phase of recovery work and then integration takes a lot more time, and this is work that churches and Christ-followers are much more suited to do than government agencies.

IAFR continuum of response

  • IAFR Phases of Crisis - summary notes of a seminar compiled by Lisa G. These notes help us understand what happens to those who are seeking to help refugees over time. How do we prevent burnout?
  • When Evangelism Meets Aid - Faithful Christian Witness in Humanitarian Space”. This one-hour independent self-study online course focus on the ethics of doing evangelism while we are providing humanitarian relief. How do we minimize the risk that people will accept our message only because they want to continue to receive the food or health care we are offering? Those who are familiar with cultural values will recognize the importance of understanding “power distance” in this context.

Books about refugee ministry

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