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Quarterly “Rekindle” meetings for field leaders with supervisor

The need

According to the 2009 Impact leader survey, the majority of SEND’s field leaders did not have any regular scheduled meetings with their supervisors. About half did not have a formal review of their leadership on an annual basis. Several identified regular meetings with their supervisor as something that SEND needed to do or change to help them develop as an effective field leader. Furthermore, they said that when field leaders did meet with their supervisors, they were not normally asked about their relationship with God. The Rekindle plan seeks to address this situation.

The plan

All field leaders will be expected to meet with their supervisors for a personal and ministry update (called “Rekindle” meetings) once per quarter. This meeting will be scheduled by their supervisor and follow an agenda established by the International Leadership Team.
Regional Directors will meet with Area Directors Area Directors will meet with country leaders and country leaders with their team leaders.In the case of team leaders without country leaders, each Area Director will decide whether he will conduct the quarterly meetings or whether they will be done by a representative of the Area Council.
Prior to the quarterly meeting, the supervisor will ask the field leader to spend some time in personal reflection using the Rekindle prep form (Reflect, Refocus, Resources).

The agenda for Rekindle meetings

In these scheduled quarterly meetings, the field leader and his supervisor may discuss any ministry or personal issues of concern to either party. But the supervisor will ensure that the following questions are also discussed:

  1. The pace of life. Are you taking regular Sabbaths? Is the pace sustainable?
  2. Balance – your ministry, your leadership, your family, your personal development. Which of these priorities is getting an inordinate amount of attention, and which have been neglected in the last quarter?
  3. Moral purity - How goes the battle with your thought life?
  4. The family of the leader (if married) – What are your greatest concerns about your family? What are your spouse's greatest concerns?
  5. Personal spiritual formation – What are you doing to maintain spiritual vitality and grow in your relationship with God?
  6. Leadership issues – In what area of leadership do you want to grow? What have you learned as a leader over the past quarter?
  7. Priorities and plans – What are your priorities and plans for leading and equipping your team, country or area in the coming quarter?

The supervisor will pray for the field leader during the meeting and will ask how he and/or the mission can help the field leader develop in his effectiveness as a leader.

The anticipated outcomes

  1. SEND will provide regular holistic accountability for all field leaders so as to encourage them to give proper attention to personal development and personal and spiritual fitness for leadership and ministry.
  2. Field leaders will feel that their spiritual formation, family, and leadership issues are important to mission leadership.
  3. Mission leaders will become aware of what field leaders are struggling with and help field leaders find resources and design growth plans in these area before the problems overwhelm the field leader and result in resignation or significant damage to the team and the work.

Download the original Rekindle proposal to the 2009 SEND Directors' Council

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