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Engaging secular people

Jesus in the Secular World is a video series designed to open our eyes to the heart of God, offering tools to help us be relevant as we step out in faith to reach our kids, our neighbors and so many others who are leaving God behind. The speaker, Ben Pierce, is part of Steiger International, a mission organization called to be a bridge between the Western church and Global Youth Culture. Ben is also a singer in the band No Longer Music. He leads off the series with Nehemiah seeing the Jerusalem wall in ruins, and feeling compelled to do something. If you work with youth or others in today’s culture where religion is outdated and truth is reduced to preference, these 8 short videos and the free downloadable Discussion Guide will motivate you personally to seek God, and then do something. You will be challenged to pray like never before, for your heart to be broken for sheep lost to secular humanism, to develop authentic relationships outside the church, to be salt and light and tell them how, to learn to share truth with those who don’t view life through a Christian lens, to remember the power of the cross, and to take steps of courage to reach out. This series is a good reminder that in today’s world full of influencers, we all have a platform. Let this resource help to renew your passion to use your influence to engage the unreached with the life-giving message of Jesus! Reviewed by Lisa Redell.

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