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Supervision of others

Training in supervision provided by SEND U

  • images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com_images_i_51yex2ny1cl._sx331_bo1_204_203_200_.jpgThe Team Leader as Supervisor online course - developed and facilitated by Ken Guenther
  • DVD - It's OK to be the Boss by Bruce Tulgan. Contact Ken Guenther to obtain this DVD training series which SEND U purchased. The 2014 Directors' Council used this training material. Bruce Tulgan has also written a book by the same name.

Crucial Conversations

  • See Philip Jackson’s YouTube training video on Crucial Converations.

Coaching those you supervise


  • Presentation on supervision and delegation from AD Boot Camp.
  • How many direct reports should a supervisor have? Some say the magic number is “7”. This article says that the number depends on some organizational cultural factors such as the complexity of the work, the employee skills and experience, the acceptable error rate, the managerial experience of the supervisor, the amount of change in the environment, and the degree that you use technology to oversee projects.

Intrinsic Motivation

How do we provide leadership for others that aligns with their intrinsic motivation?

Situational Leadership - Ken Blanchard & Paul Hersey

Disciplinary action

Spiritual Abuse

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse book - “Recommended by Sandra Drost, who says, “There are a couple of interviews with the authors as well that are very informative. This book highlights the danger that comes with the abuse of power and the guilt that often happens within our Christian communities that causes great damage to individuals and to the witness for the Lord. The reason for my recommendation is that we are often in positions in our ministry that involve us being in positions of power, either to our teams or discipling others. It is imperative that we are evaluating ourselves to ensure that we are not utilizing the name of the Lord in a way that is unhealthy. This book reveals many practices that could be unhealthy that we often don’t even realize.”

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