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Training Opportunities for Mission Leaders

Offered by SEND U

  • Team Leader Orientation online course > Contact Ken Guenther for more information.
  • The Team Leader as Supervisor online course > Contact Ken Guenther for more information.
  • The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders: Powerful Leadership Skills for Solving Problems, Reaching Goals and Developing Others.
    • Generally, 3 days long, but can be shorter.
    • More than 85 people in SEND have completed the three-day version of this workshop. Contact Beth E. if you would like a workshop taught in your area.
  • Directors' Council has a training component each year. The training topic may be a missiological topic, a leadership issue or a spiritual formation emphasis.
  • SEND U has planned various training events for new leaders. The AD (Area Director) Boot Camp and the B.E.L.T. (Becoming an Effective Leader of a Team) workshops are two examples. Look through the schedules on the SEND U Training Events page.
  • See also general opportunities for training for mission members.

If you are looking for help in designing a personal growth plan for a team leader, look at the SEND Team Leader Growth Guide.

Offered by other organizations

  • The Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference > the largest gathering of mission leaders in North America
    • Very valuable for networking with other mission leaders and discovering different resources and services for mission agencies. It is primarily focused on sending offices and global mission leadership. But valuable for any field leader as well.
    • Recordings of the webinars and plenary addresses from previous conferences can be found on this Missio Nexus web page
    • Focus 2020 > Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference - Sept 24-26, 2020 in Orlando
  • The Global Leadership Summit> offered annually by the Global Leadership Network in many different cities of the world.
    • focused on leadership more than on management skills
    • Top-quality training from some of the best-known names in leadership training including Patrick Lencioni and John Maxwell
    • It offers excellent podcasts of interviews with presenters at the summits.
  • Leadership Matters Course > A two-week professional leadership development program helping leaders and upcoming leaders in the world. Highly recommended by Gary Griffiths.
  • Graduate educational programs > most would have programs and courses specifically for leaders
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