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Training Tracks September 2021

The next MOP will be done virtually

The SEND U team has decided that the next MOP 202 will be done through video-conferencing rather than in person. In other words, it will be a MOP 202V and it will happen from February 28 - April 9, 2022.

The first component of MOP, MOP 201 is scheduled from January 3 - February 13, 2022. (This is what we used to call MOP online.) MOP 201 will now also include some live discussions on a Microsoft Teams call rather than only asynchronous forums and assignments as in the past. Then two weeks after the completion of MOP 201, we will begin the 6-week MOP 202V which features weekly 5-hour video conference calls as well as some reading assignments on the Grow2Serve platform. As a result of these changes, MOP 201 and MOP 202V will have increasingly similar formats, although the content will continue to be different.

We are hoping that in July of 2022, we will host another in-person MOP 202 in Michigan.

Need an extra shot of resilience?

Cross-cultural service provides a great deal of stress and challenges our decision to persevere in our calling. During this pandemic, our ability to persevere is further threatened. To help us grow in this area, Grow2Serve has developed an online course entitled Sustainable Resilience. It is a 2-week course, taking about 12 hours to complete, and is offered multiple times throughout the year.

This training focuses on God as our center, our source of strength and resilience. After laying this foundation, it then looks at our calling and stewardship. It covers theological and practical aspects about success, suffering, sabbath, and connections with others. The end of the course asks the participant to develop a plan with steps to achieve goals in areas that they feel they need to grow in.

Kyle and Francis Holmes (SEND Spain) have taken the course and also facilitated it for Grow2Serve. Recently Jenny Baker (SEND North) took the course and has also recommended it. She says the course is very practical and is best for those in their first term or the beginning of the second.

Complementarian or Egalitarian - or somewhere in between

SEND has a clear position on women in leadership roles within the mission organization. You can find SEND International's position on “Women in Leadership” on pages 54-55 of the International Manual. One of our affirmations is, “Calling and gifting are primary factors when considering leaders within SEND. Both men and women can be leaders in SEND.”

But as an organization, we have not taken a position on women in church leadership roles, recognizing that the various churches we represent and in which we serve have different positions on this topic. In an effort to help us understand this sometimes very controversial question, the SEND U staff has created a wiki page on “Complementarianism and Egalitarianism”. Here we seek to give a brief summary of the two main positions and the books or resources that argue for each position. We also feature a few resources that argue for various adaptations of the two main positions.

Our intention in creating this page is not to persuade anyone to change their position, but just to help us recognize that evangelical believers and scholars committed to the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures have come to different conclusions on this question. One of our values is “Unity in diversity” and this wiki page seeks to help us appreciate the diversity while encouraging us to keep the unity (Eph 4:2).

Growing at a sprint

If you could improve in just one area that would make a significant impact on your life and ministry, what would that be? What if you could make substantial progress on this in just 4 weeks? Join Beth Eckstein for a Developmental Sprint experience that will help you learn tools and strategies to grow and adapt based on decades of research by Harvard researchers, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. We will start together with a 3 1/2 hour opening workshop and then you will meet an hour a week with your peer group to work testing the assumptions that have been holding you back. We will end with a 1 1/2 hour closing workshop at the end of the 4 weeks. We will begin the week of September 20th and wrap up the week of October 18th (exact times TBD based on participant's availability). Contact Beth to sign up.

Our Alliance partner, TEAM is inviting us to join them for several different learning opportunities this fall. See the 5 Voices Workshop, the Coaching Workshop, and the Cross-cultural Leadership Learning Cohort below.

Upcoming Training Events

  • Sept 20 - Oct 18 - Development Sprint with Beth Eckstein. These dates are approximate, depending on the availability of participants. Contact Beth to sign up.
  • Sept 29-Oct 6 - Contextualization and Culture Study - an 8-day online course that addresses foundational concepts of contextualization and its importance for effective ministry.
  • Sept 29 - Nov 1 - Evangelism: Abundantly Sowing the Seed - a 4-week online course that will help participants to develop the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be effective in evangelism within the context of establishing healthy, relevant, multiplying churches.
  • Sept 29 - Nov 1 - Discipleship: Growing Mature Followers of Jesus - a 4-week online course designed to assist you in developing the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge to be effective in disciple-making as key to establishing healthy, relevant, reproducing churches.
  • Oct 14 or Oct 20 - 5 Voices Workshop - Discover your leadership voice and learn to communicate effectively with everyone you lead. This free 2-hour online training is offered by TEAM. It will be offered twice in October: Oct 14 at 8:00 am EST and Oct 20 at 11:00 am EST.
  • Oct. 27 - Nov. 3 - Coaching Workshop - TEAM is putting on another online coaching workshop and is inviting SEND people to participate. This workshop is the same material that SEND U uses. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to develop their coaching skills. The workshop is being conducted over a period of 6 days from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm EST each day. The cost is $75. Here is the link to the brochure.
  • Nov 3 - 17 - Sustainable Resilience - A two-week online course designed to give you tools to understand and grow in resilience and to keep your life and ministry true to your calling. It is for those who are already in a cross-cultural environment and most suited for those in their first term.
  • Nov 4 - 5 - Learning Cohort: Cross-cultural Leadership - TEAM is inviting us to participate in this learning cohort designed for people who already have significant experience with cross-cultural ministry. It will focus on the critical challenges of leading and serving alongside people of other cultures. This includes a two-day gathering in Kansas City on November 4 & 5, followed by a series of small groups that meet via Zoom, from November to January. The registration deadline is October 1. Link to Brochure.

All these can be found on the SEND U Training Events page on the SEND U wiki.

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